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We all deserve to have what we want, to feel good, and to be happy and fulfilled. But too often, the world, our bosses, and our coworkers make us feel that these things are negotiable – that they are elusive pipe dreams or someday goals. 

But isn’t it time that we stopped surrendering to these ideas, and started fighting for what’s ours? What heavy stories like this are you ready to be done with? What beliefs about success, compromise, and fulfillment do you need to let go of or redefine?

These are the questions that power the work I do as an executive coach and consultant. I’m here to help you reinvent yourself at those critical life crossroads where you have to advocate for the sake of the things you care about. Not only have I guided hundreds of people through these kinds of emotional and  professional pivots, I’ve had to face them myself. 


I began my career in the advertising industry in Chicago, doing what so many of us do – diligently working my way up to executive roles, including Senior Vice President. Every step up the ladder earned me more money but came at the price of my happiness. And then, 15 years in, the time came that I was offered the thing I’d toiled so hard for: a major executive position. 

My initial reaction? Suffocation – a telling sign! I spent that weekend digging in my garden – doing a whole lot of soul searching which led to some very big, and for me, scary realizations:

I now had to decide that…  

  • there was something more important than financial security.
  • the world was an inherently good and friendly place.
  • that some bigger power than me was out there – wanting all of us to be happy and live a good life.

What came to me that weekend is something I take into my work with every single client and organization now: that everywhere, every day – we are buying into a whole lot of stories. Some of these stories serve us, but so many don’t. For me, I was ready to be done with the story that said, “the world is full of scarcity and lack. I have to be diligent about carving out my piece, so I can always have food on the table.” 

And so, I chose to end that story. I turned down the high-level role and began my path of discovery. And ironically, after being scared for so long to take this leap, I was shocked by how many of my colleagues sought me out to praise my courage (and confess how unhappy they were). 

Ultimately, I chose to channel my emerging passions into becoming an executive coach. Since then, 20  years have passed, and I love the work I do more than ever.

Maybe you’re feeling how I once felt – that you know you want change, but you have no idea what that should or could look like? Maybe you know that fulfillment matters, but you’re not sure how to define it or really who you are or what you want in this next step?

I’ve been there, and now having guided hundreds through these kinds of crossroads, I’m here for you. If you’re ready to believe that a fulfilling life is your birthright, let’s fight for that together. Your roadmap is waiting for you – so let’s give you the insight, support, and tools to discover it with clarity and confidence.


Jeannie Denuo | Executive Coach & Consultant


Jeannie received her bachelor's degree from the University of Notre Dame and her coach training and certification from the Co-Active Training Institute (formerly the Coaches Training Institute). She holds a PCC certification from the International Coach Federation.